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PhantomX AX Hexapod Mark II Kit


PhantomX AX Hexapod Mark II Kitは
ArdinoベースのDynamixel対応マイコンArbotiX RobocontrollerのサンプルNUKEソースコードも新しくなりました。


ZigBee無線送信機ArbotiX Commander、充電器、バッテリー等必要なものはすべて含まれるオールインワンキットです。

Interbotix Labs is proud to introduce the 2nd revision of our popular Hexapod robot kits, the PhantomX Hexapod Mark II! These kits combine some of the most advanced robotic technologies on the market to bring unparallel performance amd quality into your hands. These hexapod kits are the collaborative effort from some of the top talent in the robotics community: Next-Gen AX series DYNAMIXEL robot servos, the infamous ArbotiX Robocontroller, and a fantastic open-source software system make this an extremely durable and versatile robot that will grow with you as you learn more and more about robotics.

Product Features:
•Standard DYNAMIXEL AX-12A or Ultra Fast DYNAMIXEL AX-18A Series Robot Servos
•3 Degree-Of-Freedom Legs
•Arduino-Compatible ArbotiX Robocontroller
•Open Source Software
•Advanced Inverse Kinematics Driven Gait Engine
•6 Different Walking Gaits Available
•High Quality LiPo Battery
•Rugged Plexiglas Construction
•Totally Hackable!
•Add Arms, Grippers, Cameras, Pan/Tilts, even Computers!
•Wireless Xbee Control via PC or Handheld
•Tons of I/O available and fully programmable for autonomy
•Great platform for hobby, education, research, and Mech Warfare!

This Comprehensive Hexapod Kit comes with everything you need for a fully-featured robotic platform. All 18 DYNAMIXELs (preset with IDs), frame components, anodized black socket-head hardware, an Arduino-compatible ArbotiX Robocontroller, FTDI interface for programming, the handheld ArbotiX Commander, a set of paired Xbees, a PC-side Xbee USB interface, a 3S 2200mAh LiPo Battery, Multi-Function LiPo Balance Charger, and even a bottle of Threadlocker! We also have highly detailed step-by-step assembly manuals to ensure your kit goes together smoothly.

Kit Includes:

•18x AX-12A OR AX-18A DYNAMIXEL Actuators
•PhantomX Hexapod Hardware & Body Kit
•ArbotiX Robocontroller
•ArbotiX Commander
•2x Xbee 1mw Modules
•6x F1 Bioloid Frames
•12x F2 Bioloid Frames
•6x F3 Bioloid Frames
•11.1v 3S 2200mAh LiPo Battery
•LiPo Balance Charger Starter Kit
•USB Xbee Interface
•USB A to Mini-B Cable
•10ml Bottle of Turbo-Lock

So what's the ArbotiX all about?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last two years, you've likely heard of the Arduino platform. This little Atmel based microcontroller has revolutionized the computing and robotics fields by enabling users to get off the ground and make things blink, whir, buzz, and move with very little programming knowledge. The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is very simple to use, and the plethora of available code snippets coupled with a huge online community have rocketed this platform into being one of the most popular microcontrollers since the introduction of the Basic Stamp.

On the robotics side of things, many of you have likely heard of the AX-12A DYNAMIXEL servos and Bioloid system from ROBOTIS. These are revolutionary robot servos that have a feature list a mile long and performance that has set a new bar for what to expect from a servo. But to many, the TTL serial interface proves to be a bit daunting, and may put some off from taking advantage of this new and exciting technology.

The ArbotiX Robocontroller from Vanadium Labs is where these two worlds come together. It is the first dedicated Arduino-Compatible microcontroller built specifically to make controlling DYNAMIXELs a simple and painless process. The open source libraries for the Arbotix literally make controlling a DYNAMIXEL (AX, DX, RX, and EX series) no more complex than controlling a standard hobby servo. But that's not where it ends! Vanadium Labs has gone to great lengths to develop not only the standard DYNAMIXEL servo libraries, but also a full featured program called NUKE (Nearly Universal Kinematics Engine) that generate inverse kinematics (I/K) and gait engines for various Hexapod, Quadropod, and Bipedal robot configurations!

The NUKE GUI features a startup wizard that you can follow step by step as it asks you various questions about your robot. Punch in the length of various limbs and the robot's dimensions, and NUKE will output a ready-to-run Arduino Sketch for your ArbotiX! We've seen countless hobbyists do exactly this and be blown away by the results and just how easy it was to dive in and get started. This system has also become an increasingly popular option for building Mech robots to compete in Mech Warfare!
Documentation •PhantomX Hexapod Manual•PhantomX Hexapod Mark II Assembly GuideCode•PhantomX Hexapod Mark II NUKE Code•Phoenix based code (Coming Soon!)Additional Documentation•ArbotiX Documentation•ArbotiX Robocontroller Manual•ArbotiX Commander Manual•AX-12A ManualLegacy Documentation (Original Hexapod MK-II)•PhantomX Hexapod Version 1 Product Page

Due to high demand and supply chain/production fluctuation, please be aware we cannot guarantee that Interbotix Labs kits will be shipped immediately. We make every possible effort to keep kits in stock, but at times the production lags behind demand for various reasons. For time sensitive projects, please contact trsupport@trossenrobotics.com for an estimated lead time on our kits and plan purchases with ample time. Orders are shipped in the order they are received as stock allows.

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